Slashdot asks: can nerds date believers in astrology?


Over the weekend, my friend Jimbo and I had a pretty good conversation about hippies, and about my uncanny ability to get into fights with them every weekend. He pointed out that it’s likely because, as a man of reason and a trained engineer, if there’s a conflict, I find a mutually agreeable resolution based on principles of rational thinking. Hippies, however, think they’re always right because karma says so, or some other crap. That makes me punch them, my bad, braugh.

The same argument, it can be said, applies to nerds wanting to date girls or guys who believe in astrology. Astrology is not logic. It is not reason, or anything close to it. It’s pure, unadulterated superstition, but Slashdot asks the question: can a scientist seriously date a man or woman who believes in this mumbo-jumbo? Or visa-versa?

Of course, CrunchGear poses a more relevant question: can Slashtdot nerds really afford to be picky?

Should Scientists Date People Who Believe Astrology? [Slashdot]