Sprint Offers Phone with Faster Download Speed

Sprint Nextel will offer a cell phone models that can connect to a faster data network. Download speeds will double and upload speeds will increase up to eight times. Sprint and Verizon Wireless operate EV-DO Rev. A networks, but use them only for laptop communication cards. Their fastest phones have used the older and slower EV-DO Rev. 0 network.

Sprint announced today that it was releasing a software update for the Mogul phone that will enable the phone to connect at Rev. A speeds. Download speeds will increase to 600 kilobits per second to 1,400 kbps, up from a range of 400 kbps to 700 kbps with Rev. 0. It will be capable of uploads of 340 to 500 kbps, up from 50 kbps to 70 kbps.

Sprint’s broadband network covers 234 million people, and most of its coverage has been upgraded to EV-DO Rev. A, short for Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A.

Mogul runs Windows Mobile software and can be used as a modem for a laptop. It costs $199.99 and requires a two-year contract with Sprint. If you bought a Mogul before today, the software update will be available immediately from HTC’s site.

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