SXSW 2008: My job as a cyber security expert panelist. Yes, I was a panelist.


Hey, gang. Did you know that I’m also an expert in cyber security? There was a panel here at SXSW called Cyber Safety in the Interactive Age. Someone from Symantec was supposed to be on the panel but couldn’t make it because of a plane delay. Through some weird six degrees of separation thing, I was invited to take the Symantec rep’s place.

I have a general understanding of Internet security and the like (primarily because I still read 2600 and listen to its radio show) so I think I held my own. I filled the role of young, crazy guy who reads his dorm’s AIM conversations and doesn’t trust the government to solve Internet security problems. My voice is, I don’t know, dying, so it was a little tough to actually speak.

Apparently the whole hour-long panel’s audio will be uploaded to SXSW’s Wes site, so I’ll be sure to link to it when it hits.

I’m also appearing on local TV later today discussing e-mail and phishing and how people can avoid the related problems. So it was a busy day. Too bad my voice is broken.

Cyber Safety in the Interactive Age [SXSW]