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nofluke69 on First the iPhone gets Spore, now it gets Legos. What’s left?

How about 3G?

John Eddy on Mario Wii casemod: so subtle! so elegant!

And I look and see a goatse.

Tim B. on Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer Review

This is what I’ve learned from my short stint with the Kodak AIO printer.

Kodak AIO Printer Buyer’s Guide:
1) Buy Printer
2) Save Receipt
3) Save packaging
4) Don’t count on it for late night printing.
5) Take it back ASAP.

My printer refuses to feed new paper, saying the tray is empty. You can try to “feed” it paper and pray that you get one page through every 30 minutes. Of course I didn’t save the packaging as I’d had it for two weeks without problems. There may be a homing device on the packaging that makes the printer transform itself into a paperwork after you dispose of the packaging.

Moreover you cannot write to memory cards inserted in the printer. Pure stupidity on their part.

Anyway, Kodak doesn’t respond to emails and I wasted $200. Don’t make the same mistake I did. The best decision you could make would be to not buy one of these printers.