Dear People Who Make Horse Catheters and Want Us to Write About You: Cory tells you how to send us links

ugly_dog.jpgGood old Cory Doctorow. Is there anything the man can’t do? He makes fiction, babies, and blog posts with reckless abandon and he has a nice soft head, like the head of a wee chick but a wee chick that can beat your ass in a conversation about Net Neutrality in a second. Anyway, InformationWeek hired Cory to tell the PR world how to submit links. His main suggestion? Send a link with an image on it describing what you want us to look at. If I have to rumble through a Flash welcome screen or stare at a bunch of little navigation links at the top of a page, I’ll spend my time elsewhere.

Oh, and InformationWeek: I hate that stupid “pull the corner of the page” ad. You almost didn’t get a link.

17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You [InformationWeek]