Defective batteries causing iPod Nano fireworks

nano1 Just caught news on the Today Show (in between some Eliot Spitzer segment and another, less interesting but more sensational Eliot Spitzer segment) of the iPod Nano batteries causing sparks to shoot out of units marked with model number MA099J/A (pictured right).

Apparently the problem was found back in January but wasn’t reported by Apple to the Japanese trade and economy ministry until recently.

According to the Associated Press,

Japan is investigating a possible defect in Apple Inc.’s iPod after one of the popular digital music players reportedly shot out sparks while recharging, a government official said Wednesday…

The problem surfaced in January in Kanagawa Prefecture southwest of Tokyo, and Apple reported the problem to the ministry in March. No one was injured, the official said. Other details weren’t available.

The model of Nano in question shipped starting in September of 2005 and was discontinued in September of 2006.

Japan investigates possible iPod defect [AP/Yahoo! News]