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Marcus on CrunchDeals: Nokia’s N810 gets $90 price drop

Here’s how to get an even BETTER price, courtesy of Internet Tablet Talk.com. Use Nokia promo code SCENEZINE at the NokiaUSA store and receive an additional 15% off, making the Nokia USA N810 price $373.99 with free FedEx 2 day shipping. I know the code works in several Nokia country stores as well. I have an N810 and really love it. I hope the Nokia price drop makes it easier for others to enjoy the N810 as much as I do.

diem on Strange Microsoft MySong product: Ghosts in the machine

Ugh — this is nothing more than a glorified karaoke product. Perhaps it can have a setting where if I drunkenly slur my speech it adds 80’s hair metal guitar riffs?

When will MS learn not to replace talent? Stick with tech boys, you’re better off.

Travis on Everex gPC line pulled from Wal-Mart shelves

O’Brian’s quote should have been “Our customers kept returning them because they did not have Windows on them.” I saw about 10 of these just sitting on a shelf in the back of the electronics department at my local Wal-Mart – they were not marked, not priced, and not looked at by anyone but me – it was sad.