Get Forkd – a social network for recipes

Forkd is a new site all about recipes as the social object which users share, store and network around, mining the new vogue of niche social networks which are fast appearing. Once signed up it’s pretty easy to add recipes to your profile, and glean ones you like from other members. Now you can also blog your recipes to your Blogger or WordPress blog.
The founders are foodie Jared Folkmann and interface designer Francois Jordaan, and it’s certainly one of the best looking interfaces to a site I’ve seen. It was developed in collaboration with Isotoma, UK software services company specialising in Open Source founders by Internet veterans Doug Winter and Andy Theyers.

The site has been in closed Beta for the last three months and is now open for public registration and potential partnership. Note the way they are calling this a “Feta” not a Beta version – it’s part of the overall fun, easy going feel of the site. A site like Forkd could have global appeal – everyone needs to eat, right?