HTC head talks about eee PC, iPhone

peterchou_web2.jpgHTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, talked a bit about the eee PC and the iPhone along with the future of WinMo on HTC handhelds. The takeaway? He doesn’t see the eee as a competitor to the company’s misicule Shift and that the iPhone is pretty darn hot — not as hot as an HTC exec on a mission!

On Android:

Google is an Internet company so they are very good at the Internet experience. We have been working with Google for almost three years. Even before Google bought Android, we had conversations with Andy Rubin. We think the mobile Internet experience is horrible now in devices and we can now try innovating in this area. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Google since they have an in-depth knowledge of the Internet.

Peter — can I call you Peter? — WinMo is a pig and no matter how many pearls you dress it in, it’s still a pig. Run far and fast with Android into the upper reaches of Nokia+Symbian synergy.

HTC CEO Sounds Off on Shift, Eee PC, and iPhone [LaptopMag]