Next-gen Gulfstream 650 private jet nearly breaks sound barrier


The new Gulfstream 650 private jet will have a maximum velocity of 704 mph, ever so close to the speed of sound, 770 mph. The jet, which won’t be available until 2012, will carry a price tag of nearly $65 million. Able to hold 18 people, its range—7,000 nautical miles—means that it can go from New York to just about anywhere, save Australia and southern Asia, in one straight shot. While the price may rule out most folks, you might find it interesting to know that Steve Jobs, Apple’s master, reportedly has a penchant for flying on the Gulfstream V, the 650’s predecessor.

Oh sure, sometimes we get new cellphones and other gadgets to play around with (then send back after reviewing them), but I’m fairly certain we wouldn’t be let within 100 feet of this new Gulfstream.

It’s funny, we thought the new Virgin Atlantic jet was A-OK, then this one comes along. Having money must be great.

Moguls Set To Approach the Sound Barrier [The New York Sun via Drudge Report]