This week's Rock Band downloads: Thrash!


I love Rock Band and I love that they keep releasing songs for it. However, lately they’ve sucked. Last week was pretty bad, and the week before that was all Grateful Dead. I hate the Grateful Dead.

This week’s a little better, as Harmonix has announced the Earache Thrash Pack, a three-pack including Blinded by Fear by At the Gates, Thrasher by Evile, and D.O.A. by the Haunted. They all come out Thursday next week for 440 MS points for the pack or 160 points each, or $5.49 on PS3 for the pack or $1.99 each.

For a complete list of what’s been released, check out the game’s Wikipedia entry.

Earache Thrash Pack To Be Next Rock Band Downloadable Music Pack [Firing Squad]