Zemanta launches content suggestion engine soon

Launching in a couple of weeks is Zemanta, the startup which has developed a facility for WordPress blogs to suggest contextually relevant links, pictures, related content and tags. The upshot? Paste in some text and Zemanta looks at it and then starts to add the most likely links to the text, which you can then edit (something a lot of bloggers would kill for no doubt). Now, stay with me. This kind of application exists a lot in academic and enterprise content management systems but hasn’t appeared on the Web very much to date as these tend to be very CPU/resource intense technologies. So Zemanta is a web service API not unlike Akismet in its ability to look intelligently at content and decide what to do with it. It’s the hottest startup in Slovenia right now (yes, there are more than one, you cynical people) and last year won some seed capital from Seedcamp.

Zemanta WordPress Plugin Teaser from zemanta on Vimeo.