Google generated more ad revenue growth than top 3 online competitors, all offline media in 2007


Google not only generated more ad dollars in 2007 than all other online firms, it generated more ad dollars than all other firms, online or off. AlleyInsider crunched the numbers, as they do, and found that Google generated twice as much revenue as Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL combined. Fellow CRUNCH writer Erick Schonfeld fired up Excel and made some pretty graphs for us to look at, one of which is up there.

Headline—online ad rev grew by $4 billion while offline rev grew by $1 billion.

Just how money is Google right now? It alone grew by $2 billion last year; the top 13 offline media companies saw only $1 billion in growth. Key word here is growth.

And that’s only for 2007. Let’s say that Android-based phones do well—my next phone, replacing my long-in-the-tooth LG Chocolate, will either be iPhone v2 or something based on Android—and Google gains however many million pairs of eyeballs to sell mobile ads to. Want this cool service for free? Fine, just watch this 10 second ad beforehand, or let us run text ads in your Web browser window.

Google right now trades at $437.92. Who knows, in about a year that could be seen as a deal.

Google Sucks Life Out of Old Media: Check Out The 2007 Share Shift [Silicon Alley Insider]