Jedi buy land, found micronation on the moon


A bunch of Welsh Jedi—no comment—have bought a plot of land on the moon for the purpose of training new members of their Galactic Church. The land, purchased from “an official moon real estate seller” (me, actually) has already been incorporated into a micronation, sorta like Sealand, which ThePirateBay tried to buy a while ago. The state already has a constitution, government and royal family. I guess, then, we can assume it’ll be a constitutional monarchy, not unlike the UK.

Why do we care? First of all, I don’t, but I do recognize that the Star Wars and tech-savvy universes cross paths more often than not.

No matter, I just saw Fernando Torres score his 20th BPL goal of the season, which will be the highlight of the day, Jedi or no Jedi.

Welsh Jedis set up space colony [The Inquirer]