noBounds: Show mobile content at full HD on larger screens

NoBounds is a new project by Nokia which allows you to stream full HD video at 30 fps from mobiles to televisions. It also enables mouse and keyboard interactions with your tiny, sassy cellphone.

Smartphones have a tiny display, since they need to be pocketable. PCs and Notebook do not suffer from this restriction, but they are by far not that mobile. Since many years PCs are shrinking: Notebooks, UMPC and MID have been introduced.
The opposite trend has started in the Smartphone world. The desire is to have more content, more details, thus more pixels on the display. The human eyes, especially of elderly people are limited in useable pixel-density. Thus, the size of the display increases. The physical dimensions of mobile devices are not allowed to increase further due to the pocketability constraint. Therefore the display resolution of the built-in display will remain limited. This leads in comparison Smartphone to PC to a disappointing feeling: Overview is still too limited! Alternative form factors such as rollable, foldable and any other kind of flexible display still need to mature for future deployment.

The noBounds Project [ITT]