Halo 3: Legendary DLC this week


Just a quick note to the Halo 3 junkies in the audience. The Legendary DLC you’ve been waiting for comes out this Tuesday. More details to come in a couple days. The gallery reveals new paint jobs for vehicles and the Hornet’s gameplay has been altered. Wha?!

The Hornet is the only vehicle from this list that has seen gameplay adjustments, in addition to the cosmetic changes. If you’ve ever used the Hornet in a custom game, its missiles-n-guns variety of dominance is an overpowered spectacle to behold. Fun as that may be for the player in the Hornet, it’s a less than awesome situation for players feeling totally helpless while the sky opens up and your Halo experience is reduced to staring at death cam.

What’s different about this version of the Hornet? Its missiles have been removed and its guns have had their effectiveness reduced. It’s less of an airborne death machine and more of an aerial support vehicle now.