The Perfect Pullup: Get ripped, fast!


The Perfect Pullup (shown here with optional ab straps) promises to “get you ripped FAST!” It comes from the same guy(s) who created the Perfect Pushup, the twisty accessory that adds more movement to a regular pushup. The Pullup, which I recently saw advertised on late night TV (blogging is glamorous, to quote every other Gawker post), accomplishes a similar feat by adding wrist-twisting to pullups. The result is a two-in-one exercise—pullup and chin up—that supposedly gets the job done much faster. The job being, of course, to look like a Greek statue.

It costs $99, which seems a little steep, but that’s probably because I payed about $20 for my POS pullup bar on eBay. Maybe you can find less expensive knock-offs in Wal-Mart?

Product Page [Perfect Pullup]