Breaking: MySpace goes mobile

Starting tomorrow, all you MySpace addicts can access MySpace Mobile from your handheld device. It’s been in Beta the last few months and I’ve dabbled with it here and there, but haven’t been all that impressed. If you’re wondering what you can do from the mobile site then keep on reading for details. Yeah, it’s super exciting. *snore* It’s so exciting that I’d rather have you guys visit the mobile site from your mobile phone rather than me getting a screen cap for you. The basic layout shows the three most recent friend updates and then it lists your inbox, friend requests, friends, photos, etc.

From their mobile devices, users will have the ability to access the new MySpace Mobile Web and engage in actions including:

· Reading, composing and replying to MySpace Messages

· Viewing friends

· Viewing photo albums

· Searching for friends

· Posting comments or blog entries