Microsoft to license Flash Lite for Windows Mobile

flashlight Coming soon to a Windows Mobile handset near you; Flash Lite. Adobe’s latest mobile Flash runtime supports just about anything developed for Flash 8, so sites like YouTube will work with Flash Lite-enabled devices.

This is a good move on Microsoft’s part. It’s got its own Flash-like technology in Silverlight but it’ll be a while before it’s ready for deployment on mobile devices. This is also a good move on Adobe’s part after Steve Jobs made it clear that he’s not too keen on Flash or Flash Lite.

Both Flash Lite and Adobe Reader LE will be made available to OEMs and I’d hope that current Windows Mobile users would be able to download a Flash Lite plugin for IE Mobile. According to Adobe’s press release, “Adobe Flash Lite and Reader LE availability for Windows Mobile phones will be confirmed later,” so I guess we’ll wait to hear more.

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