iPhone's media platform success due to AT&T

I won’t deny that the iPhone is a hyperbeast of media goodness. They surveyed 10,000 iPhone users and found that AT&T’s unlimited data plan is a huge reason as to why the iPhone has been so successful in the media category. The survey also revealed the following factoids:

-30.9 % watch mobile TV or video versus 4.6 market average
-49.7 % access social networking which represents 12x’s the market average (specifically 20% owners access Facebook)
-30.4 % access YouTube and 36 % use Google Maps compared to 1 % of all mobile subs accessing YouTube and 2.6 % accessing Google Maps
-74.1 % listen to mobile music compared to 6.7 % of the total mobile audience

I won’t argue that AT&T’s unlimited data plans help, but I’m just wondering how many of those 10,000 were actually AT&T subscribers. All in all it’s an in-depth survey and worth taking a look at. I feel myself slowly caving into the hype.