TiVo Desktop Plus update automates video podcasts

tivoA new update to TiVo’s Desktop Plus software features the ability to subscribe to video content via RSS. TiVo’s touting the feature as Season Pass for web video, which is basically just a fancy way of saying that you can subscribe to a video podcast’s RSS feed and new episodes will be downloaded to the TiVo Desktop Plus software ($24.95 one-time fee) that runs on your PC and then makes those video files available for viewing on your TiVo box.

According to the recent press release,

Starting today, TiVo users can subscribe to and watch a broad range of video content available through Real Simple Syndication (“RSS”) feeds, including everything from network nightly newscasts and The Sesame Street Podcast to Daily Headlines from MTV News and College Humor from CHTV. The application also gives consumers access to niche interest and hobbyist videos covering areas far more specialized than cable and satellite channels.

Again, the Desktop Plus software is $24.95 and is PC-only. There’s also a free PC version that supports fewer video formats and doesn’t handle the RSS stuff and a Mac version that only does photos and music (you can use the $150 $70 Roxio Toast 8 to handle video transfers).

TiVo ToGo [TiVo.com] via Zatz Not Funny!