Greenpeace targets Nintendo again for its poor environmental policies

How could a company that makes this hate the environment?

Greenpeace still hates Nintendo. The environmental organization has once again turned its sights on the Wii maker, which it ranks at the bottom of its latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Unlike last time, when it gave Nintendo a zero rating in all nine categories it rates, Nintendo earns itself a 0.3 (sounds like an IGN rating) for verbalizing a new chemical management policy.

Other companies you may care about, like Microsoft and Sony, do somewhat better in Greenpeace’s ranking, with Microsoft coming in at 16th and Sony at 4th.

My take is, so what? I saw a program on the History Channel (so it must be true) saying Earth is overdue for a global cooling period, so this whole global warming thing is overblown. I don’t burn tires for fun or anything, but I’m not not gonna buy a video game because the maker isn’t doing “enough” for the environment.

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