CrunchGear this Week

The best post of the week? Watch some of CG’s staff get zapped by a ridiculous shocking iPod. Warning: Some NSFW language.

The week started out with a “square iPod,” the iRiver E100, and some controversy over Wal-Mart pulling Linux PCs from shelves. We weighed in on the terrifying BigDog quadrupedal robot and its diminutive brother, LittleDog. The EyeFi card got dissected, as were Verizon’s plans to allow some open access. Sony Ericsson made excuses for falling revenues (lower demand? Really?). Our “hot or not” contest is over but now you have a chance to win a truly awful iPod Touch ripoff. Lastly there’s this sassy Lenovo ad taking a shot at the MacBook Air. Sexy and full-featured? Not possible!