Help-Key: Activating, SIM unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone the very, very easy way.


I’ve been keeping up with jailbreaking the iPod Touch here on the Help-Keys, and I know its helped a lot of people to open up their hardware. Make no mistake, the iPod Touch is one of the most outstanding pieces of hardware I’ve ever seen, and the work the various hackers developers have been doing with it is amazing.

I also feel the iPhone is overrated and over-exposed, so I’ve sort of left it out. But when a friend of mine brought me an iPhone last night and wanted help activating it, AIM unlocking it, and jailbreaking it, I thought that would be a fantastic Help-Key.

I figured I’d do each part, step-by-step, like Bobby Brown. I thought it would be a hassle but with a reward at the end. I was wrong.

As our own John Biggs famously said, Apple might as well just start including the jailbreaking apps with the iPhone.


You seen, the people behind ZiPhone have put together an all-encompassing application that pretty much does it all with one click. In about ten minutes we went from having a virgin AT&T-locked iPhone to an unlocked, activated, jailbroken iPhone running on T-Mobile.

The only downside is EDGE isn’t working, even though I have it on my T-Mobile account. I’m going to try to make it work for next week’s Help-Key, isn’t that exciting?

I’ve even found a video of the app in action.

I’ve even found a video of the app in action, which you can see after the jump.