LG LH2300: Touch Web promises 'full' Internet browser


LG today showed off the LH2300, a Web-friendly cellphone that has a 3-inch display. The touchscreen cellphone, which is currently scheduled to debut in Korea early next month, doesn’t appear to do anything out of the ordinary. You’ll find an expected resolution (800×480), Bluetooth, microSD, etc.


Expect LG to play up the phone’s Internet capabilities, which may explain why it’s also going by the unfortunate name Touch Web. Supposedly it comes with a “full” browser. What exactly that means, who knows? Is there Flash support? Can I zoom in and out as easily as I can (but don’t) with the iPhone? Tough questions, to be sure.

There’s no indication if any U.S. provider will pick this up, nor for how much (it costs around $600 in Korea).

Oh, and is it haptic?

LG to launch its wide Touch Web phone ‘LG-LH2300’
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