Odd Citi branded, keyboard-lacking, NFC-sporting handset shows up at FCC

[photopress:citi.jpg,full,left]Now this is an odd little handset. It’s the Plus II from Citi, as in the financial institution, but really from Mobicom. It has no keys, not in the traditional sense, and has built-in NFC payment hardware. This means it works like a credit or debit card, just like in that old AT&T commercial.

What’s interesting is that it apparently uses an accelerometer for menu navigation. I’ve seen demos of this kind of thing in action and found it to be counter-intuitive, but then it was a proof-of-concept, so maybe they’ve got something figured out?

It’s GSM, but is still bouncing around the FCC, so we don’t know who — if anyone — in the US will carry this phone.

FCC Sheds Light on NFC-Equipped Phone from Citi [Phone Scoop]