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J Rob on Verizon Wireless claims big chunk of 700MHz spectrum, AT&T grabs a small bite

Finally, the winner of the 700 MHz spectrum auction will free us from the shackles of oppression wrought by the current wireless corporate . . .

. . .

awwwwwwwww . . .

TommyCarl on Rumor: GTA IV release date revealed

You guys are soooo weak. I can’t even believe you don’t have enough patience for a game llike GTA IV. Man, I’m glad I’m not you. I’m not going to whine and complain because Rockstar is making sure that the game is solid and ready for release.

You call yourselves real gamers? Guess not, cause real gamers play the game…then judge. They don’t base thier decision on petty little release dates. If they did, ALL GAMES WOULD SUCK!!

You are all PATHETIC!

Don G on Sir Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

I first became aware of Arthur C. Clarke in the Summer of 1960 when I bought a used paperback entitled “The City and the Stars.” Once I started reading, I was almost instantly transported to the Earth of the novel billions of years from now. Nothing I had ever read so captivated me, and even now, 48 years later, I still vividly recall the elation that the reading of this novel brought to me. I went on to read virtually all of his works, yet, for me, nothing affected me as much as his depiction of mankind’s possible future.

I feel that much of my interest in science and mankind’s future were deeply shaped by his writings, and it made the world a better place for me. He will be deeply missed by a great many people. Farewell, Sir Arthur.