The Vaio Fresh Start option: Start your computing experience right… for $50


Sony, in their infinite wisdom, is offering a way to remove all of the crapware and “extras” they stuff onto their PCs and notebooks. It’s called Fresh Start and, like a douche, it costs money (namely $50) and basically blows bubbles up your jacksy.

I found the option on the VGN-TZ2000 Configure-to-Order Vaio TZ and it also requires Windows Vista Business, sort of a “proof of serious work” insurance that Sony requires because they are assholes. When I was testing laptops full time we used to have to remove all the Sony crapware before we could even run most of the benchmarks. This proves proves that out of the box Sony’s products are a mess and, to add insult to injury and for the low, low additional price of $50 you, too, can get a working Sony laptop.