Two new Blackberries hitting T-Mobile for Spring


Two Wi-Fi-endabled new Blackberries are coming to T-Mobile in the near future, and they’re pretty awesome. T-Mo’s got a thing for Wi-Fi, mostly for their home service that lets your cellular phone become your home phone. We know people who’ve used the service and love it to death.

The 8820 is of the same family as the Curve in the 8800 series and has the same pancake form factor. It also has GPS, EDGE, full QWERTY, and all the other usual Blackberry niceties.

The 8120 is a Pearl Blackberry without GPS, but with video capability.

Both smartphones have myFaves, with the 8120 available on April 14th and the 8820 available on Monday the 24th of March. Go forth, Blackberry fans, and rejoice.

T-Mobile 8820 and 8120 [BGR]