CrunchDeals? Get two free HD DVDs when you buy a Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player and two Blu-ray discs

samsungcomboplayeroffer-1 I’ll leave this up to you as to whether or not you consider this a good deal.

In light of what retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City are offering to HD DVD refugees, Amazon’s decided to get in on the good-will action by offering the following;

“For a limited time, receive two HD DVDs from the list below for free when you buy the Samsung BD-UP5000 1080p HD-DVD Blu-Ray Disc Combo Player and any two Blu-ray discs sold by”

As of right now, the BD-UP5000 is out of stock but it normally goes for around $450. You have five HD DVD movies to choose from; Batman Begins, Excalibur, Rio Bravo, The Road Warrior, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. So in effect, you’ll have to spend almost $500 for the player and two Blu-ray discs to get two free HD DVDs from a list of five.

I’ll reserve judgment but TechConsumer’s Bob Caswell says, “Gee, thanks, Amazon.”

Get Two HD DVDs Free [] via TechConsumer