CrunchArcade: Preview of Devil May Cry 4 on Xbox 360


I just received a review copy of DMC4 the other day and I haven’t been able to stop playing. I’m pretty new to the DMC series having only dabbled with DMC3 for a few minutes some time ago and I can already say how much better the fourth installment is over the previous release (I consulted DMC fans to ensure this was true). Gameplay is much smoother and the fighting mechanics are much better and less strained. The storyline is superb and has actually kept me interested for more than five minutes, as I previously stated. The inclusion of the “Devil Bringer” weapon is fantastic. I’m currently only able to snatch enemies from a distance and slam them into the ground but it’s a much more effective way to dispatch enemies rather than blasting away with the “Blue Rose.” And scantily clad Gloria came out of nowhere and made me feel funny. It was weird.

I’ll continue to trudge away and blast, slice and slam enemies until the end wherein I’ll report back with any other details worth noting.

Devil May Cry