Microsoft rectifies erased Xbox 360 and then some


You remember Nathaniel, right? Well, Microsoft has made good on their word and, hopefully, made Nathaniel one happy kid because they sent him a treasure trove of goodies for having wiped clean his autographed 360. So what’d he get besides an autograph from Bill Gates.

* 1 Xbox 360 console (signed by original RT signers, new artwork by Luke McKay, signatures from Xbox 360 team, additional signatures from Bungie Staff)
* 1 Xbox 360 faceplate (signed by Bill Gates, among others)
* Devil May Cry 4
* Lost Odyssey
* Rainbow Six Vegas 2
* Gears of War
* Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
* 2 ‘What’s Your Gamerscore?’ Bumperstickers
* Xbox 360 CD Wallet
* Signed picture of Bill Gates


Something about Nathaniel’s statement bugs me, but I’ll leave it to you guys to comment on.

While my story has come to what I am sure the average reader will conclude is a satisfactory close, I do not personally view this as its ultimate end. Don’t get me wrong: My overall mood about the packages I have received from Bungie and Microsoft is nothing short of ecstatic, but compensation was never my focus. The only thing I have specifically asked of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 team for is this particular case to be examined so that some change(s), whether small or broad, can be made to the service process to prevent the occurrence of any similar scenario. This remains my only request. I’m not asking for details, but if my story is leading to changes that should benefit current and future Xbox 360 owners, I would really like to know.

I do not think the people at Microsoft that have been working diligently on the XBox 360 project over the last several years are fools. There have been many lessons to be learned for all that have worked on the project at all levels, from the inception of the console until now. I am confident that this story–and the subsequent response that it has received from the gaming community as a whole–will reinforce the importance of keeping customer service and repair divisions well organized and in top form.

To those who have worked to put this package together for me, you have my gratitude. Thank you all for putting forth the time and effort to do this for me; this is indeed far “more awesome” than what I had before.

This story has shown itself to be a great lesson in the power of the Internet. It is with this observation that I must say to the gaming community at large, those who’ve shown their support and saved me much of the effort of spreading my story myself, you also have my gratitude. Without the actions of a great number of individuals who will forever remain unknown to me, my “cautionary tale” would not have reached nearly as many people. Thank you.

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