CrunchArcade: At WMC, Paul Oakenfold will mix The Bourne Conspiracy soundtrack; Yahoo! will broadcast the show online


To promote the upcoming release of The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3 and 360), which is due to hit store shelves this summer, Sierra, the game’s publisher, will host a soundtrack party tomorrow night in Miami with Paul Oakenfold. The British DJ, who sorta sucked when I saw him last year here in New York, will perform as part of the “Bourne Sessions,” which is a fancy name for the concert that stars him, Cee Lo and Gnarls Barkley.

The best part is that you yourself don’t have to hop on a plane to see the concert—though it is during the Winter Music Conference, which I’ve always wanted to attend—because Yahoo! will broadcast (netcast?) the entire concert online. Clear your schedule for tomorrow night, March 25, starting at 7 pm EDT.

Those of you who aren’t a fan of the Bourne series might be wondering what, exactly, is Paul Oakenfold doing promoting the game’s soundtrack. Besides the truckload of money Mr. Oakenfold is likely to receive, I can remember at least one of his songs that was played during The Bourne Identity, “Ready, Steady, Go.” Video below, sorta. It’s more of a montage than the actual scene. Call me Captain Obvious, please.

The live-as-it-happens concert will be on Yahoo! Live, while a fully produced version, complete with “The Song Remains the Same” special effects, will be on Yahoo! Music at the end of April.

As far as trance goes, PVD > Oakenfold. But progressive house is better than trance, wholesale.

Yahoo! Live and Bourne Sessions (That’s where the live show will be)

Yahoo! Music (That’s where the fully produced version will be)

The Bourne Conspiracy, which has nothing to do with Matt Damon