NYT: Feel free to haggle down the price of your next HDTV


The economy isn’t doing so hot and Manchester United seems to be marching toward its second consecutive title. We’re all doomed, in other words. But hey, did you know that you can get $20 off a pair of speakers on Sixth Avenue?

The Times has a piece today exploring the issue of haggling in the year 2008. It seems the terrible economy, coupled with the Internet, gives consumers the ability to walk into a Best Buy or Circuit City or local boutique and negotiate the price of any number of items. This happy fellow convinced an electronics store in New York to knock more than $1,000 of the price of a 46-inch Sony TV. You lucky devil!

Apparently certain big name chains have given store managers and everyday sales associates the power to negotiate prices. It’s more or less this: walk into a store with a price in mind that you say you found on the Internet, ask for that price and threaten to walk out the door if you don’t get it.

Haggling stories, anyone? (Sales associates especially. I’m sure y’all are thrilled now that the Times has inspired people to argue with you over the price of a toaster.) I’d probably get all nervous and haggle the price upward like a complete dunce, that’s for sure.

Even at Megastores, Hagglers Find No Price Is Set in Stone [New York Times]