RFID as used in works of art


Rather than complain about RFID’s evilness, some artists are using the technology to make a name for themselves. Over at we make money not art, which is easily my favorite name for a blog, there’s interviews with five artists who, in one way or another, use RFID in their work. One such project, the iTea tea set, uses the radio technology to scour the Internet for facts about you. So next time you’re enjoying afternoon tea with Ric Flair, you can ask him about that last Nitro match he had against Sting in 2001, a big moment in my life.

So now when one of your techy friends starts his rant about RFID, kindly remind him that the technology can be used for non-evil ways.

New Brave World workshop at iMAL: RFID and art [we make money not art]