Splendid: a "video enhance card" by Asus

I’m not sure if I understand this thing entirely. It appears to be a small, fanless card with a partial PCI connector that performs hardware filtering and adjustment of your video out. I’m not sure I trust it entirely to upgrade my “legacy content.” Uprezzing and filters are strange beasts and should not be applied willy-nilly. I play NES with bilinear and NTSC artifact filters, I use a Denoise algorithm on video and Warpsharp on animation, and of course there are the myriads of filters and post effects in games these days.

While it would be nice to have a hardware layer taking the load off the CPU for this kind of thing, I don’t like the idea of taking myself out of the flow entirely and letting the card determine what is best for the situation. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and modularity in processing is definitely a good thing.

Asus Splendid HD1 Press Release