The great 22x DVD writer conspiracy

So how fast is your DVD burner? Somewhere around 16-20x, no doubt, probably because OEM writers at those speeds cost less than $30. But is that the maximum? Hell no, fool. Samsung and LG already have 22x burners out there, but there is a conspiracy in place to keep you waiting that full five minutes for that DVD to burn, when you could be finished all of forty seconds faster.

Vendors are going with the 18x for the most part because they’re the best value, and you can’t even get discs rated for faster than 20x at the moment. Basically, the performance gains from moving to the latest and greatest burning technology are negligible considering the pace of innovation in competing technologies: mass and temporary storage, web storage, digital distribution. Sounds like Lite-On and all those guys are polishing the knobs on the Titanic.

Samsung and LG offer 22x DVD burners, but 18-20x is the mainstream, say Taiwan makers [Digitimes]