Welcome to CrunchGear's All About Linux 2008

all_about_linux.jpgAs a service to you, our dear readers, and to us, the clueless morons, we’re going to explore Linux in all its guises this week, deciding once and for all if this crazy, hippy-dippy thing they call “Linux” is ready for prime time.

Just joking, fanbois. We know Linux kicks ass. It runs most web applications, powers millions of desktops, and is gaining traction in the average user space every day. Heck: OS X owes a debt to Linux and Open Source and Android promises to bring Linux-alike abilities to common smartphones. Linux is everywhere but it is, unfortunately, mostly invisible.

This week we’ll explore a number of distributions, talk about installing Linux for fun and profit, and discuss some of the fastest ways to start working with the OS without buying a manual. Stay tuned.