Intruders TV – videoing startups so you don't have to

I really like the guys from Intruders TV. They are, to some extent, Europe’s answer to (first) PodTech and latterly FastCompany TV. I really hope they are successful because creating original video interviews is not for the faint-hearted.

For those of you who don’t know them, is a global network of video blogs covering the web 2.0 and technology ecosystem. What they tend to do is go around the major conferences and events around the world, interviewing entrepreneurs and investors. So far they have a team in Canada, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy and appear to have plans for Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, and Spain.

They are privately backed and their teams seem to be at every major event I go to.

But, here’s the “but”.

Right now they tend to post their videos quite late after they are recorded (sorry guys, but I just have to point this out) and until recently their iTunes subscribe button didn’t work (today it seems to work, thankfully). I don’t know why the videos go up so late when they are essentially grabbed interviews with people at events, but there you go. It’s probably something to do with the bizarre world of video editing. Or something.

A case in point is the filmed keynote by Reid Hoffman, Chairman and President, Products, LinkedIn, recorded at the Essential MediaTech conference in London on… November 20th, 2007. Watch it, it’s a great speech where he essentially says “scale first, monetise later”. [I tried embedding it below but it didn’t work].

As for the business model… Well, PodTech hasn’t done too well and they had hype-meister Robert Scoble. So I fear for Intruders unless they can hit some kind of new model to fund all these useful interviews they produce. If enthusiasm were money they’d be rolling in it.

UPDATE: As per a comment below, I hadn’t realised until now that the CEO of Intruders is French video blogger Thierry Bézier who last year closed his personal site and redirected it to Intruders.

Below is a short interview with Bézier last year (in French):