Netflix and Xbox 360 secret love connection?

image shamelessly stolen from MSNBC. the wankersNetflix has been polling its members on whether they’d like movies streamed to their TV via their 360s. They declined to say whether this indicated an upcoming partnership, but I seriously doubt they’d even put a question like that to consumers unless it was a viable option already worked out with Redmond.

And why not? Everybody wants a piece of the Netflix pie, whether it’s trying to take a bite (Blockbuster) or providing the pie-pan (or set-top box, LG). I say bring on the streams, baby. But what about those poor fools with small hard drives on their 360s chock full of recorded Halo matches? Sounds like Microsoft will get a slice of Netflix and maybe a few upgrading customers as well.

Netflix surveys members on Microsoft Xbox [Yahoo! News]