Onda's VX676 looks like a Touch, but with real 16:9


I like my iPod Touch. I like it a lot. One on the only gripes I have, though, is that it’s not a true widescreen player. Sure, it’s better than the iPod before it, but it’s not a true 16:9 aspect ratio that we’d expect.

Onda has a new PMP
with one of those 4.3-inch touchscreens we’re seeing everywhere at 16:9. It’s definitely modeled after the Touch, and supports, like, everything.

You have to bring your own SDHC card, but it supports them up to 32GB, which isn’t bad.

This is just a PMP though: No WiFi, no Web browser, none of that nonsense. If you’re looking at the Touch and don’t care about the Web and PIM functionality, you might want to consider the Onda VX767.