Samsung's Anycall Haptic phones beg for your sweet caress

There’s nothing I enjoy more than waking up to a new phone from Samsung that will never come to the US. $%#*6!!! Launched today in SK are the Anycall Haptic phones, SCH-W420 and SPH-W4200, that both feature a 3.2-inch display, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, a full Internet browsing experience and DVB-T. What’s most surprising about the Anycall Haptic handsets are the 22 kinds of vibration that are built in. Apparently, when you want to turn the volume up or down on the radio an old school radio know appears and the sound and feel of the “clicks” are simulated by the haptic feedback. That’s pretty neat. Prices are set at about $700 and $800 in SK. No word on availability elsewhere.


Samsung Launches Touch-Screen Cell Phone [PC World]