Video: Dance to start the party with the International Dance Party

Dancing… is… a primitive art-form… used in ancient times to express oneself with… the body! And communicate!

This is my new favorite gadget (though the video, on the other side, is a little long). It’s called the International Dance Party and, in response to nearby dancing people, it goes off like the Fourth of July if Paul Oakenfold, Laidback Luke and Dave Seaman were Founding Fathers. (I hear Madison liked drum and bass, like John Biggs did in a past life.) Computer-controlled (what isn’t?!), TDP has a blue siren on top and Fast and the Furious-esque undercarriage lighting. And there’s a built-in smoke machine, too, like so many overpriced clubs.

What you can’t see here is that Peter is singing not just because he has the iPhone, but because there’s an IDP just out of frame.

Incoming college freshman, you wanna make friends? IDP, not to be confused with the slightly less cool ICP.

via Gizmodo