Blu-ray is not dead, says THX


The headline on my previous post regarding an interview with THX chief scientist Laurie Fincham was misleading. Fincham doesn’t actually state that Blu-ray is dead, rather, just that optical media, in general, is on a slippery slope.

Here’s what THX PR Manager Graham McKenna had to say,

“THX recognizes the quality and benefits that the Blu-ray HD format brings to the home theater experience. We are dedicated to supporting Blu-ray with new THX technologies and other initiatives. At its very core, THX is about advancing the quality of the entertainment experience, whether that is on optical disc, downloads or other emerging media. I believe Mr. Fincham’s comments reflect that broader goal.”

Some of you pointed out that inaccuracy because you read the quote correctly and for that you get a cookie. It’s in the mail, I swear. How long will optical media last? Would you carry around a USB drive to your local video store to get fresh new movies? Are you already on the DLC bandwagon or would you rather have an optical disk?