ATI fixes that annoying st-st-stuttering gl-gli-gl-bug

What is it with ATI and stuttering? When Half-Life 2 was released, the game was totally unplayable on my rig (With a Radeon 9600 Pro, no slouch at the time) and pretty much everyone else’s due to constant and crippling stuttering and the still-dangerous audio-loop crash. The game was allegedly designed with almost my exact hardware configuration in mind, yet it was totally busted (didn’t stop me from playing through it, slowly).

Well, lately they’ve had trouble like that with other games, like TimeShift, as I’m sure you know very well if you have one the games affected. Fortunately, they’ve released a hotfix for it which should resolve the problem. Nice job, ATI, but is it too much to ask to not have these game-killing bugs in the first place?