CrunchArcade: Sony predicts 10-year life for PSP


Sony [still] has high hopes for the PSP, which it sees as a 10-year platform. So says the PSP’s senior marketing manager, John Keller. The portable system marked its third anniversary last week and has already gone through one hardware revision and numerous firmware updates, each adding new features. And while it may just be starting to hit its stride, what with the recent release of God of War and Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Sony still prefers to look at the system with long-term eyes.

This isn’t to say that, seven years from now, you’ll still be holding and playing the same system; you might be using it to watch movies rather than play games in the future. (How many people actively use their PSP to watch movies, I wonder? Commuters who don’t drive and…?)

Keller’s confident about sales, too. The PSP Slim caused “an incredible jump” in demand last year, even if it was only minor revision.

Portable Copy, which allows users to copy Blu-ray movies to the PSP, is currently scheduled for a summertime release, though it’s up to each individual movie studio if they want to include it or not. GPS is on the way, too.

Sony’s really turned the corner. The Blu-ray victory appears to have given the PS3 a boost, as should the release of GTA IV. Remember when people would hate on the PSP, saying it’d never compete with the DS?