European startups set out their pitches

The TheNextWeb conference happens in Amsterdam next week, and they’ve announced the startups that will be pitching in the startup competition (below). Some 22 companies get to pitch and the last 2 will be chosen by the crowd. A few other notables are turning up including TechCrunch’s Eric Schonfeld, Kevin Rose of Diggnation (which will be recorded at the event) Robert Scoble, Nova Spivack (Twine), Chris Saad ( and Scott Rafer (Mashery, MyBlogLog, Lookery) (He also works with Ireland’s PollDaddy. I am also going.

The startups:

andUnite: Based in Germany, this connects users who do similar searches on search engines. The idea is to allow people to meet who have the same or similar interest because of the search terms they use. (Hmnnn…. Not sure it works as an idea but I’ll judge at the pitch).

Backbase: Backbase’s main product line is its Enterprise Ajax framework for building Ajax applications. Apparently they’ve sold 3 million copies in 80+ countries.

Bemba: This Dutch startup has a browser button plugin allowing you to share any content with your network on Hyves, Twitter or Bemba’s own network.

Beezbox: The Paris startup enables companies to ‘engage with their communities’ on social networks. Looking at the site it’s not really clear what they actually do.

ConfNetwork: This is a tool to facilitate networking at conferences – it’s in closed beta and will launch at the conference.

CoComment: A well-known Swiss startup that aggregates comments on blogs. Plenty of competitors in this space already but lots to play for.

eBuddy: Based in Amsterdam, this is a browser based chat and messaging service for MSN, AOL etc on the web or mobile. The recently raised €6.5M funding. Competes with Meebo.

Empressr: This Ajax/Flash based web presentation company out of New York which launched in 2006 so not really a startup any more. Mainstream RSS aggregator and commenting platform. Very interesting company which I’ve written about several times in the past.

Fleck: Based in Amsterdam, Fleck is designed to make the browser social with collaborative annotation of Web pages. Launched in 2006 but still privately backed.

Goojet: is designed for low to high-spec handsets and enables you to customise your phone by organizing your “mobile space” with picture galleries, notes, message board, voting, RSS feeds, status messages and weather forecasts. They presented at Lew Web 3. They have raised a €2.3m seed-round.

Hoera: under construction still. Hurry up guys…

Introniche: Enables cross-promotions between niche sites. Sounds like a Web ring – but that’s unkind I’m sure.

Lookery: This is an ad network for Facebook and social networks. They raised $900K seed round. The company has gone from less than 200 million impressions in January to 640 million impressions in February, and has hit the one billion impression mark. Not bad.

Netlog: The Belgium-based MySpace/Facebook socnet site is across Europe with a 30 million strong user base. Has big backers.

Radionomy: This French and Belgian startup is aiming at online radio, allowing anyone to set one up. Currently in French and English. Appears to be in beta.

Symbaloo: A new take on the personal home page with the weirdest interface you’ve ever seen.

Twingly: Twingly is a ping service and blog search engine that connects traditional media to the blogosphere.

uberVU: This Romanian startup wants you to manage all your conversations in one place. Er…. ambitious to say the least.

Wakoopa: Similar to what does for music, this startup looks at all your desktop apps and suggests new ones to you. Wauw is a downloadable app that lets you access all your pics, movies, and music on your PC from your mobile.

Webnode: This is a website builder and manager. Hard to see the innovation here.

ZiLok : Winner of the public award at Plugg, this company pitches itself as an eBay for renting stuff.