First Look: HTC Shift (CDMA version)

Got a nice little package yesterday containing the HTC Shift running on the Sprint network. I’ll be putting this thing through its paces next week at CTIA and will have a full review for you in short order. It’s a pretty cool gadget so far. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you.

One weird quirk; it comes attached to a nice fold-over leather case but you can’t remove it. It’s stuck inside the case at all times. According to jkOnTheRun,

“It seems that the FCC required HTC to only allow the US version of the Shift to be operated while in the case.  The Shift is different from other UMPCs due to the CDMA radio in combination with the SnapVUE which means that the device is always on even when it’s off and the FCC wanted the user protected from the radio and hence the attached case.”

So keep that in mind, I guess.