expands in Germany; Plans to scrobble TV has apointed F. Scott Woods senior vice president and managing director for Germany. He joins from Google where he served as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Northern & Central Europe, will oversee the expansion of the presence in Germany, the country with the second largest userbase after the US. (Not surprising as started first in the UK and Germany). Woods will help set up a permanent office in Hamburg.

The CBS-owned London-based social music platform, recently partnered with Europe’s biggest-selling daily newspaper Bild to power its radio service on the paper’s website.

• Last night at the
PaidContent UK mixer in London (pictured) co-founder Martin Stiksel said on stage that plans to start ‘scrobbling’ TV. It’s already working on scrobbling music videos and will do something with those as a bridge to TV, he said. The site’s scrobble software already indexes music files on users’ hard drives to improve recommendations and can do the same for streaming audio, even competitor Pandora.

It was a fairly open secret that this was in the game plan for, but for Stiksel to say this on stage and indicate they were getting closer to a TV strategy is significant.