Fujifilm to track sensitive backup data via embedded GPS

Imagine you’re Visa. You’ve got terabytes of personal data on millions of customers, and it all has to go somewhere. The cheapest solution is tape storage, which you keep in a secure room and write all that sensitive stuff to. Then, when the time comes to archive it somewhere cool and dry, like a storage facility, you put it on the truck, and it disappears en route. Uh oh, spaghettios!

This is apparently a pretty serious problem, as confidential customer information is worth its weight in gold these days and a struggling truck driver could earn quite a piece if a few storage devices went missing between corporate HQ and the warehouse. So Fujifilm is offering a LoJack-designed tracker to put in its storage devices, allowing Visa to be sure they’re going where they’re supposed to go. It costs $150 per month per device, though, so that surety comes at a cost — but it’s probably less than the cost of a 30,000-member class-action lawsuit resulting from mass identity theft.

How long do you think it’ll be until we’re tracking our pizza?